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References and Related Online Materials

Distribution Lines 60kV and below:See reference for "Total Lines."
Transmission Lines over 60kV:See reference for "Total Lines."
Total Lines:

2005-2009: Alberta Electric Systems Operator, Personal Communication, July 21, 2010. 

1993-2002:Energy Resources Conservation Board (2002). Circuit Kilometres of Transmission and Distribution Lines, 1992-2002 (Table 10). Alberta Electric Industry Annual Statistics (Code ST28, ISSN 0706-1420). Last updated February 25, 2004. (accessed July 21, 2010).

Note: Unfortunately, the ERCB publication ST28 has been discontinued. For more recent data on distribution lines, you will have to contact the individual utility companies directly (ATCO, Fortis, Enmax and Epcor).