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References and Related Online Materials

Number of Marriages:


Statistics Canada (no date). Marriages by province and territory. Canadian Statistics. Last updated April 21, 2010. (accessed May 20, 2010).

Number of Divorces:

Statistics Canada (no date). Divorces, by province and territory. Canadian Statistics. Last updated September 28, 2009. (accessed May 20, 2010). 

Canadian Council on Social Development, Stats and Facts (

Number of Deaths:


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Note: Original data is calculated from mid-year. In order to be comparible to other statistics, data from 2005-2006 was entered as 2005, data from 2006-2007 was entered as 2006, etc. 

Number of Births:


Number of Abortions:

2011, 2012. 

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--> All data from this website may not be a consistent time series due to the use of multiple data sources.
--> Data is from table column \"official reported abortions of residents, both in and out of area.\"

Number of Miscarriages:

See reference for "Number of Abortions."