Fuel Consumption

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References and Related Online Materials

Net Sales of Gasoline:Statistics Canada. (no date). Sales of fuel used for road motor vehicles, by province and territory. Canadian Statistics. Last modified August 9, 2009. (accessed May 19, 2010).

Data prior to 2004 taken from an earlier version of the same table.

Net Sales of Gasoline is the sale of gasoline, diesel, and liquified petroleum gas on which taxes were remitted at road-use rates. These net figures represent, with minor exceptions, the amount of taxable fuel actually consumed on public roads in Canada.

Gross Sales of Gasoline:

See reference for "Net Sales of Gasoline." 

Gross Sales represent total sales of all road grades of gasoline for all uses, including off-road activities such as farming, forestry, construction or mining.

Net Sales of Diesel Oil:

See reference for "Net Sales of Gasoline."